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New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Our Show and Tell themes for 2022 will all be based on New Year’s Resolutions, spreading hope and positivity throughout the year. We start our presentation with “Try something new”.

#1 Try Something New

“Ring out the old, Ring in the new” as the poem by Tennyson goes. The start of a new year, a fresh beginning, a novel idea… It can be challenging yet delightfully rewarding to try something new!

Leaf Man
The Leaf Man, designerd, hooked and sculpted by Lois J. Morris.
Leaf Man _ Detail
The Leaf Man. Detail.

Lois J. Morris

The Leaf Man
Wool cut #3
10” x 7 ½”


I felt motivated to create a sculptured rug piece and so designed “The Leaf Man”. I dyed wool swatches in different values of silver gray green and used the darker shades for the contours and shadows and the lighter shades for highlights, then sculpted its face accordingly. I carefully folded under the trimmed backing and mounted it on barnwood, hiding the finishing nails between hooked loops.
This piece was shown on page 72 of the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine. Follow the link: Lois J. Morris / In The News.

Hooked Shoes
Slippers, a Michele Wise pattern hooked by Andrée Lapensée.
Andrée Lapensée
Andrée Lapensée

Andrée Lapensée

Hooked Slippers
Designed by Michele Wise
#6 cut wool


I saw this pattern in the January/February 2016 edition of “Rug Hooking Magazine”. I love trying new things and this idea of hooking slippers, rather than knitting or crocheting them, caught my fancy. I used #6 cut wool. I adapted the pattern by adding suede slipper-soles from a knitting project and I gifted them to a friend.

Link to article: Off With Their Shoes | rughookingmagazine.com


Richly Renaissance
Richly Renaissance. Adapted from a Crewel Embroidery pattern. Hooked by Ti Seymour.
Richly Renaissance, Details.

Ti Seymour

Richly Renaissance
Adapted from a Crewel Embroidery pattern
March 2016
#3 cut
62 cm x 58 cm


I took a Fancy Stitches class by Lois J. Morris. The pomegranate is typical of a Jacobean style of the 17th Century and is adapted from an embroidery pattern. Crewel tones of dyed wool swatches also make up a key element of this design, along with the specialty techniques – the chain stitch of embroidery. I wove the Renaissance past and this colourful modern design together.

This piece received an Honourable Mention in the Alternative Fibres and Techniques Category during the OHCG 2016 Show. Follow the link: OHCG Newsletter - Summer 2016.

Gift Box. Hooked piece by Emmy Maten, inspired by a William Morris Wallpaper.
Gift Box
Gift Box Views.

Emmy Maten

Gift Box
Rug Design: Detail from William Morris Wallpaper
#6 cut wool, jersey, wool yarn
5 ½ ” x 3 ½ “


Aside from being an excellent rug hooker and teacher, Dawna, our president, comes up with so many fun ideas, including this one.

Transform a Dollar store wooden-craft box, in this case one with a picture frame top (remove the glass), into a unique finished box which can serve to store playing cards, jewelry, a sewing kit, or rug-making hooks and scissors.

Inspired by William Morris (1834-1896) designs, I found a downloadable pdf file which I purchased on Etsy (terms of use apply) and then printed, and I used a section of it for my design. I hooked the mini rug with scraps of #6 green wool strips, orange stretch jersey, and purple and black wool yarns. I stained and varnished the box, inside and out. Using wood glue, I glued a piece of black felt to line the bottom inside (optional). Using a glue gun, I glued my little rug on the top to fit inside the frame.

I made this for my best friend knowing that her favorite colour combination for her garden is purple and orange.

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