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45th Anniversary

On-line Celebration

Welcome to the 45th Anniversary Pages were you can find:

  • Special 45th Anniversary messages,
  • a Photo Album,
  • a Guestbook
  • and Virtual Gallery, featuring the contributions of several long-time guild members along with some of their hooked pieces.

    Visit our Show and Tell page and our Blog, both available from our main menu, to see other showcased rugs and read about their stories. And don't miss our Animated Rugs Videos!

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    Virtual Celebration Program


    December 1st
    45th Anniversary Guestbook Messages / Website Guestbook

    December 1st
    Christmas 1 / Show & Tell Page + Instagram

    December 5th
    Double Show & Tell: Christmas!
    Christmas 2 / Blog + Instagram
    Re-run Christmas 1 / Facebook
    Re-run Loraine Charenko / Facebook

    December 12th
    Denise Vandenbemden / Virtual Gallery - Salle 5
    Re-run Christmas 2 / Facebook

    December 19th
    Christmas Challenge/ Virtual Gallery - Salle 6
    Christmas Challenge / Instagram + Facebook
    Re-run Denise Vandenbemden / Facebook

    December 24th
    Special Show & Tell: Nativity
    Blog + Instagram + Facebook

    December 31st
    Special Show & Tell: Happy New Year
    Blog + Instagram +Facebook



    November 1st
    45th Anniversary Guestbook Messages / Website Guestbook

    November 1st
    Double Show & Tell: Memories!
    Memories 1 / Show & Tell Page + Instagram
    Memories 2 / Blog + Instagram

    November 7th
    Debbie Séguin / Virtual Gallery -Salle 5
    Re-run Memories 1 & 2 / Facebook

    November 11th
    Special Show & Tell : Remembrance Day
    Blog + Instagram + Facebook

    November 14th
    Re-run Debbie Séguin / Facebook

    November 28th
    Lorayne Charenko/ Virtual Gallery -Salle 3



    October 1st
    45th Anniversary Guestbook Messages / Website Guestbook

    October 3rd
    Double Show & Tell: Landscapes!
    Landscapes 1 / Show & Tell Page **Now Blog** + Instagram
    Landscapes 2 / Blog + Instagram
    Re-Run Judith Dallegret / Facebook

    October 10th
    Special Show & Tell : Animation Month
    Animated Rugs / Blog + Instagram
    Re-run Landscapes 1 & 2 / Facebook

    October 17th
    Sally Perodeau / Virtual Gallery -Salle 2
    Sally Perodeau / Instagram
    Re-run Animated Rugs / Facebook

    October 24th
    Special Show & Tell: Halloween
    Pumpkin Day / Blog + Instagram + Facebook
    Re-run Sally Perodeau / Facebook



    September 1st
    Double Show & Tell ; Geometrics!
    Geometrics 1 / Show & Tell Page **Now Blog**
    Geometrics 2 / Blog
    Geometrics 1 & 2 / Instagram

    September 5th
    Lois J. Morris / Virtual Gallery - Salle 1
    Geometrics 1 & 2 / Facebook

    September 12th
    Kay Cousineau / Virtual Gallery - Salle 2
    Lois J. Morris / Facebook

    September 15th
    Orientals / Blog
    Kay Cousineau/ Facebook

    September 19th
    Alice Hamilton / Virtual Gallery - Salle 3
    Orientals / Facebook

    September 26th
    Judith Dallegret / Virtual Gallery - Salle 4
    Alice Hamilton / Facebook

    Maty - Show & Tell

    Special 45th Anniversary Messages

    Executive Committee
    Executive, from left to right: Emmy, Candace, Nancy and Dawna
    Matty - Web. Illustration: Maria Romero
    Matty - Web. Illustration: Maria Romero

    45 years

    The Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild celebrates its 45th Anniversary

    Executive Commitee Message

    Welcome everyone to the virtual celebration of Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild 45th Anniversary. Forty-five years ago, Lois Morris founded the guild and to this day, the guild continues to grow and flourish. Our members are always eager to take on new challenges and support and encourage each other in our creative attempts. The huge success of our guild is due to the hard work, enthusiasm, and participation of our many members.

    BHCG is an active member of the Ontario Hooking Crafters Guild participating in annuals and contributing to the newsletter. As well, over the past few years, we have displayed and demonstrated rug hooking at the Beaconsfield library, at Centennial Park on St-Jean Baptiste’s Day, at Stewart Hall, at Sherwood Forest Elementary School, and at the Ormstown Fair. We have started a tradition of celebrating International Rug Hooking Day, co-hosting with our friends, the Martintown Wild & Woolies. Our annual June picnic has grown and grown with guests from guilds, in not only Quebec, but Eastern Ontario and Vermont. Last summer BHCG was especially proud to take part in the Église historique de Barachois Project, 200 Hooked Cushions for my 200th. We were able to send seven cushions and five of our members attended the opening ceremonies in New Brunswick.

    The guild still meets in beautiful Centennial Hall in Beaconsfield where the staff are more than helpful, and the city of Beaconsfield continues to support the guild as it has for the past 45 years.

    As times change and evolve so has BHCG. We have an active Facebook account and recently opened an Instagram account. Our website is also highly active. As we have been unable to meet physically due to COVID-19 many of us have become skilled at using Zoom to hold virtual hook-ins.

    We hope you enjoy this virtual celebration and we hope to see many of you in person for our next anniversary.

    Best wishes from BHCG executive:
    President: Dawna Matthew
    Vice-President: Emmy Maten
    Secretary: Nancy Thompson
    Treasurer: Candace Fradette

    On-line Celebration

    45th Anniversary

    Web Commitee Message

    This year, due to Covid-19, our 45th anniversary has turned virtual, and become an on-line celebration.
    Since March, our activities have been suspended for an indeterminate period of time and sadly, our 2020 Rug Show at Centennial Hall has been cancelled. We are instead marking our 45-year anniversary with a monthly Show and Tell, featuring rugs from our last show held in September 2017. We also have several special Show and Tells, which highlight rugs from the past, prior 2017.

    In May 2020, as part of our on-line celebration, we opened an Instagram account that has quickly proven to be a success.
    Our 45th Anniversary Section, open until December, includes Special 45th Anniversary Messages, a Guestbook, a Photo Album portraying memorable pictures and newspaper articles, and a Virtual Gallery featuring several of our guild members’ contributions and hooked pieces.


    Web Committee
    Dawna Mathew – President
    Emmy Maten - Vice-President
    Maria Romero – Webmaster / Designer
    Jacqueline Bouchard – Editor / Translator

    45th Anniversary Logo, by Maria Romero
    45th Anniversary Logo, by Maria Romero


    The 45th anniversary logo is a variation of the one created by our Webmaster Maria Romero in 2015, with more strips and a different color palette.

    Photo Album

    Visit our Photo Album, with several pictures and newspapers articles!